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      Diabetes as a crucial disease

      The disease named Diabetes is a condition when your body is unable to produce natural insulin to regulate your natural body system. Diabetes is an uncurable disease tough but its regular management by testing the glucose level timely can save the patients from severe results. As far as America is concerned then around 35 million people are victims of diabetes. So, most healthcare companies are developing the best products with FDA consent to make life easy for diabetic individuals. A diabetic patient has to be careful with their glucose level for all hours of the day.
      Consequences of Diabetic peaks:
      By ignoring the diabetic conditions, you could face serious consequences with highs or lows in blood glucose. A normal blood glucose level for a healthy person is 140mg/dL (post-meal).
      High glucose level:
      If glucose level increases and reaches up to 200mg/dL then you will see serious symptoms that can lead to dangerous conditions if not get treatment on time. For example, early hyperglycemic conditions can bring you the symptoms of headache, Irregular need for urination, tiredness, unclear vision, etc. If blood glucose crosses 200mg/dL then you would be forced to face dangerous situations like vomiting, abdominal pain, nausea, serious sweating, heart diseases, kidney issues, and nerve injury, and even can lead to death.
      Low glucose level:
      The result of low blood sugar is also not simple to ignore. A lower blood sugar level than 70mg/dL is called hypoglycemia. A much active lifestyle can cause hypoglycemia like exercise, an imbalanced diet, other diseases, medications, or improper diabetic care. The first results you would see with it are sudden hunger, feebleness, misperception, shakiness, or reckless heartbeat. But if it decreases more than this hypoglycemic situation then it can cause Coma, Seizures, passing out, death, etc
      For this reason, most diabetic supplies are needed to be used regularly by diabetic patients. One of them is the use of Blood sugar Test Strips. Regular blood sugar testing can manage his diabetic life easier to live a healthy life.
      What are the blood sugar / Glucose test strips?
      Blood Glucose test strips are tiny piece of plastic, tough looks unimportant but plays a very serious role in the life of diabetes patients. These small but significant strips are the key elements for the test of blood sugar. A small droplet of blood after finger pricking with medical lancets is required to put on these strips. It absorbs the blood sugar while being placed in a glucose checking meter and transmits data to monitor to display on it.
      How do blood glucose test strips work?
      These tiny test strips are a huge circuit of the technical process of testing diabetes. There is a thin layer of gold or any other metal coating according to the production of the company to develop a circuit. When the blood droplet after lancet pricking places on the one end of the strip the real game starts. The glucose in the blood droplet makes a chemical reaction with an enzyme coated in the test strip, called Oxidase. The reaction produces an acid called, Gluconic acid. The acid produces an electrical current for making the result displayed on the monitor screen. Some of the blood test strips require very tiny amounts of droplets like 0.5 μl to 1 μl and it varies from company to company.
      Accuracy of the Test Strips: The accuracy of blood test strips is based on the verification from ISO (International Organization of Standardization). Most of the test strip brands are FDA approved so, their accuracy also depends if they are used with mentioned and compatible glucose meter.
      Here Zahrun is offering you topline test strips along with compatible glucose meters (sold separately) to buy with an authentic batch number and free shipping.
      The following is the list of glucose level test strips that are recognized as FDA-approved and high-tech designs.
      1. True Metrix & Leader True Metrix Test Strips are compatible with all True Metrix Glucose meter, are faster in declaring results like 5 seconds, and requires a tiny blood sample of 0.6 microliters. It doesn’t allow you to apply the blood sample twice. These are made of plastic to assure the comfort and ease of patients.
      2. Accu-Chek Aviva-plus or Accu-Chek Guide Test Strips are compatible with all Accu-Chek glucose meters. It gives the fastest in declaring results like 4 seconds and requires a tiny blood sample of 0.6 microliters. The pack comes with smart packaging which resists spilling out of the strips by mistake.
      3. Bayer Contour Next Test Strips are compatible with all Contour Next Glucose meter, faster in declaring results like 5 seconds, requires a tiny blood sample of 0.6 microliters, and allows you to apply droplet second time if necessary to prevent wasting of test strips.
      4. One Touch Verio Test Strips are compatible with all One Touch Glucose Meters. It gives the fastest in displaying results in 1 second and requires a tiny blood sample of 0.4 microliters. It automatically checks each droplet twice before giving results and allows you to reapply a blood sample twice if needed in 1 minute.
      Advice for using Test Strips
      The Test strips are usually get expired after opening in 6 months so it is advised to use them within 3-6 months after opening the package. These are not suitable to share with any other person. It is suggested to use one strip twice. Don’t use any stripped, broken, or damaged strip. It is a pro tip to use all strips with their compatible glucose meters only.