Personal Care


      What is Personal Care?

      The outer look of a person is as much important as his speaking skills are to impress the surroundings. Because it is very common to judge the person on their outer appearance. The care of person about himself, his hygiene, his appearance and his strongly built personality is treated as Personal Care. Personal care is basically about grooming and pampering of one person. It may include consciousness about diet to maintain health up to date or might include applying lotion on body, skin care, hair care to make your outer look healthy and flawless.

      Benefits of Personal care: The personal care is an of course really needed to be done in the epidemic of confusion, stress. So, it may help you stay happy. It helps you to stay strong not only physically but emotionally as well as mentally. Another benefit of self-pampering is that it can lead us to live longer life and can bring flexibility in life. The proper care of oneself with usual personal treatment can help you to prevent from illness or diseases also. All facial and external pampering of person is important but thick good-looking hair play an important role in the personality of a person. The baldness and thin hair can cause the lack of confidence in you. The hair loss appears when the usual loss of 100 hair per day happens and new hair doesn’t grow.

      Reasons of baldness

      Hair loss in men can appear due to various reasons. Some of the reasons are mentioned below.

      1: Stress and depression can be its main reasons. The hair loss or hair thinning can be severe with the passage of time due to chronic stress conditions.

      2: Androgenic Alopecia is the condition where men face sever bald patches on the crown of the head. It can be caused due to genetic reasons.

      3: The medical issues like hormonal changes or immunity problem can also cause the alopecia. It can happen due to thyroid or other irregular use of medicines.

      4: Some other medical conditions like cancer, heart attacks and arthritis can also cause thinning of hair or total baldness.


      Treatment of Baldness

      FDA has approved some of the medical treatment for hair loss or baldness. One of them is the use of MINOXIDIL (Rogaine). This is available in both conditions of foam and liquid. The application process is to penetrate the liquid in the scalp of your hair and massage thoroughly. It requires you to repeat the process twice in a day. The result can be seen visibly in 4-6 months but it also depends upon the proper application and care given to the hair.

      Kirkland’s Signature Minoxidil Tropical Solution

      Here we have the magical solution for the hair regrowth only for men by Kirkland Signature. This solution is clinically proven and dermatologist recommended. The tropical solution is famous for its activity on hair follicles with it 5% minoxidil ingredient. This ingredients with all others penetrate the hair skin and makes the dead follicles alive to rework. This ingredient works miraculously on the roots to regrow new hair to give you a thick hair confident look. The quality of this product lies in its convincing results with assured hair density. This solution has no kind of annoying fragrance or smell, so you can use any time in a day. One box brings you 6 bottles and a dropper applicator so make it easy for you. One bottle contains 2OZ so total pack gives you 12OZ.  It is advised to use twice daily for amazing results.