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      What is Medtronic’s story?

      Medtronic is the name of expertise in providing the carefully & research-based manufacturing of the products. They are serving the globe with extraordinary healthcare technology. The concern of Medtronic is shown in the development of the product not only by research but also through case studies of individuals. In the meantime, they are carrying Artificial intelligence to keep up the maintenance of Healthline. Their main concern is to produce easy, simple diabetes managing products to make the patients self-sufficient. Their goal is to treat 70 plus challenging conditions patients. So, here we have one of them as their prime concern of treating diabetes.

      Medtronic’s Minimed Product Line- Infusion sets

      An infusion set is an innovation in the field of insulin delivery to diabetic patients. It is a great variant for daily calibration for diabetic patients. The basic purpose of the infusion sets is to deliver artificial insulin to the human body while connecting with insulin pumps.

      Components of Infusion sets: The basic components of infusions sets are the various lengths of plastic tubing, flexible cannula, and hidden thin needles. This soft cannula is placed under the skin by just pressing gently onto it, then later it is connected with an insulin pump from the other end of the tubing. Once the insulin is inserted, you pull the tubing and cannula left behind at the connection site for the next insertion. So, this way it helps you to redeem from the pain of daily calibration.

      Infusion Set Insertion: Most of the infusion sets are inserted manually but now some of the infusion sets are manufactured to place on the skin with an external inserter. Diabetic patients choose the insertion system according to their choice or ease. The

      The angle of Insertion: There is various angle for insertion available by Medtronic by keeping the comfort of patients in mind. Some of the infusion sets are inserted at 30 degrees and some are inserted at 90 degrees. The 30-degree angled insertion is a better choice for active lifestyle persons, lean people, and athletes. Medtronic provides you with different cannula lengths and tubing to choose from for the best suitable for you.

      Infusion Site: Medtronic recommends not to wear an infusion set on the same connection site regularly. It can cause muscle tension or scar tissues. Furthermore, the best positions for insertion are the buttocks, abdomen, upper arms, and thighs. Some doctors recommend using an infusion site in the stomach so insulin can dissolve at its fastest rate. So, make sure to choose a comfortable infusion site so it can help you to avoid irritation.

      Features of Medtronic’s Infusion Sets

      Medtronic Minimed gives a variety of infusion sets with a number of highly advanced designs. These all designs have a specialty of some sort to provide comfort to the patients. Some of the features are listed below.

      Needle size: There is various size of the needle on market but Medtronic provides research-based gauges from 25-29. These are designed according to the requirements of diabetic patients and their body types. The thin needles with less diameter like 25 gauge are less painful and a good option for lean bodies.

      Cannula Length: Cannula length varies due to compatibility with body type. The cannula of 6mm length is an exceptional option to pick for the lower BMI diabetic patient. Medtronic has many options to choose from for cannula length.

      Lock Type: Most of the pumps for insertion of insulin comes with a t: lock or leur lock so it can avoid you to get dislodged.

      Insertion Applicator: Some of the infusion sets come with insertion devices and help you to insert a cannula without having any sight of the needle clearly. Some are able to handle with just one push or with one hand insertion. 

      Tubing length: Medtronic offers many tube length options for you from18 inches to 43 inches. The choice of tube length is based on your insertion site, height, and your daily activities. If you are more active in your daily routine then go for a long length like 32 or 43 inches or if your insertion site is near then choose the shorter length of the tube so you can tackle it easily.

       Medtronic has designed these infusion sets by researching, using artificial intelligence, and many more to provide you with the heck-free daily insulin insertion set. Here is the list of Medtronics Minimed Infusion sets.

      1: MiniMed™ Sure-T™ Infusion Set has a cannula made of steel, 29-gauge thinnest needle, Straight type of manual insertion, Highly suitable for kids, pregnant women, and Teflon allergic people. It comes with an extra adhesive pad to place 10 cm away for security from dislocation.

      2: MiniMed™ Silhouette™ Infusion Set has a cannula made of Teflon, 27-gauge thinnest needle, easy type of manual insertion at variable angles of your convenience, highly suitable for thin & lean with an active lifestyle.

      3: MiniMed™ Quick-Set™ Infusion Set has a cannula made of Teflon, 27-gauge thinnest needle, Straight type of manual insertion. It comes with an extra inserter device that places with the push of a button.

      4: MiniMed™ Mio™ Infusion Set has cannula made of Teflon, 27-gauge thinnest needle, Straight &all in one insertion set. This infusion set can be inserted with one hand and use a pre-loaded server to inject. The insertion device is easily disposable with a covered cap to save you from accidental touch.

      5: MiniMed™ Mio™Advance Infusion Set has a cannula made of Teflon, 27-gauge thinnest needle, Straight & can be used with any Medtronic pumps, highly suitable for kids, and for all those who are afraid of needles. It comes with an extra preloaded device that inserts the set with just one push of a button.