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      The daily pricking of fingers to get blood samples for testing is the routine of a diabetic individual instead of using continuous glucose monitoring. Any person who is a diabetic patient needs to test his blood glucose on regular basis so, the Lancets and Lancet devices are the essentials to make diabetes management successful. The patients usually are unaware of the variety of lancets or choose the best one for them according to their skin mass so it is important to decide about a lancet or lancet device first before starting the daily calibration for blood glucose testing.

      What is Lancet?

      The lancets are tiny, slim, plastic device that is comprised of a needle that is securely fixed in them. It is used to prick or for piercing on the finger to get a blood sample for glucose testing. This small blood sample is supposed to work along with test strips and blood glucose monitors (Test strips and Glucose meters are sold separately) to give you instant results. The lancets are manufactured in a variety of sizes which we differentiate in the gauges. The higher the gauge number means the lesser the pain you would feel while pricking so the most recommended gauge is 33G. It is highly suitable for children. The lancets are made of easily disposable material so it is your social duty to take care of this part on your end.  

      Use of Lancet: Almost all the lancets from all of the companies come with a protective cap on them to save you from the accidental jab. That cap on the needle tip is designed to be removed after fitting the lancet in the device. Once the lancet is fixed in the lancet device then you are good to go, no matter if you have less control over hand shivering. Because the lancet device holds the lancet with a strong grip on it. To use a lancet, diabetic patients use an alcohol swab to prepare the skin for a blood sample. Then the patient applies pressure on the finger to get a lancet to prick it. The lancets are supposed to use only once and are not advised to reuse to avoid pain, infection, and damage to the skin.

      Lancing Devices

      The lancing devices are sold separately and work like holders to grip the lancet in its space. They are just like small tubes which insert or launch the lancet to puncture the skin to get droplets for blood glucose testing. Almost all of the lancing devices are designed on the same mechanism of a loaded spring to penetrate the needle into the skin with just one slick. The reason for fitting the lancet in the lancing device is to distract you from the direct sight of the needle & holding firmly to avoid severe jabbing. The lancing devices are designed with different points of comfort for the patient but one of them is very helpful is the Depth Setting. These devices allow you to set the depth of the skin you want to touch with the force of the needle. The devices have numbering on them from lower to higher. The higher number means deep poking and the lower number means the thin pricking on the skin to get blood drop from it.

      Features To Check While Choosing Lancet

      Some of the following points will help you to choose the best lancet option for you from the variety available here. These are points that are important to check while ordering the lancet pack.

      Device or Lancet: Always see first if you are comfortable with only a lancet to prick the skin for getting blood drops or if any lancing device is required along with it in case you have less control over hand movements.

      Company / Brand: If you already have any lancing device and you are comfortable with it so always chose those lancets which can be compatible with your lancing device.

      Needle Size: If you choose the higher gauge number of needles then it means the needle size would be thin and small. It can be convenient to use for some people but other may find it difficult to get blood drops with a thick mass on their skin.

      The thickness of the Needle: The thickness of the needle results different for different people. The less thick needle may give you comfort and can be less painful, depending on the skin type you have.

      Depth Setting of Lancing Device: One of the studies shows that the higher the depth setting may be the cause more pain & more loss of blood.

      So, always keep a check on the important features of lancets and lancing devices while choosing them. Here we have multiple options for you to choose from according to your own convenience.

                a) Onetouch Ultra Soft Lancet (100 CT)

                b) Onetouch Delica Plus Lancet (100 CT)

                c) BD Ultra-Fine Lancets (100 CT)

                d) Freestyle Lancet (100 CT)

                e) Trueplus Sterile Lancets (100 CT)

                f) Accu-Chek Softclix Lancets (100 CT)

                g) Accu-Chek Fastclix Lancing Device

      To study the features or relevance of any of the above lancet packs, please see the category named LANCET & DEVICES.