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      What is Diabetes?

      Diabetes is a disease that itself is not chronic but leaving it on careless terms can lead to serious circumstances. Diabetes occurs when your blood sugar levels are too high. Basically, blood sugar is a main source of energy for your body to spend in exertion. And it is extracted from the usual food we eat. The pancreas, which is present in the abdomen just behind the stomach makes a hormone called Insulin. This natural insulin separates the glucose from your food and delivers it to your cells to produce energy. But when the pancreas is not able to produce insulin or the quality or quantity of insulin is affected somehow then glucose from your food stays in the bloodstream instead of moving to cells then the blood sugar level gets high.

      Type of Diabetes: Diabetes has no proper cure or can be vanished for always but regular care and dietary management can help you to stay healthy and happy. There are many types of diabetes but some of them are major and listed below.

      1. Type 1

      This type of diabetes happens due to an attack of your own immune system on not producing natural insulin. The cells in your pancreas get ruined and affect your health badly. This is seen usually in children and young adults. This type is also called insulin-dependent diabetes because the patient has to insert insulin on daily basis to make himself alive.

      1. Type 2

      This is the most seen type of diabetes in people and it can occur at any age but is especially common in middle age people. In this type. Your body doesn’t make good enough insulin or your body’s cells don’t carry the insulin well. This is also called insulin-resistant diabetes.

      1. Gestational Diabetes

      This type of diabetes usually occurs in women during their pregnancy. It is also expected to get normal after the birth of a child but sometimes it turns to TYPE 2 diabetes with the passage of time.

      1. Prediabetes

      This type of diabetes is clear from its name. It happens before the diagnosis of TYPE 2 but it is usually not claimed as diabetes because the blood sugar level gets higher in it but not enough to be declared a diabetes patient.

      What are the symptoms & consequences of Diabetes?

      The symptoms of diabetes are very clear and can affect you in a crucial way lately. The early symptoms of diabetes include blurred vision, weakness, tiredness, dry mouth, high thirst, Numbness in feet, sudden weight loss, the unusual need for urination, slow healing injuries, and many more unusual feelings like these. These symptoms can lead to very severe conditions like Heart problems, kidney problems, eyesight issues, foot damage, depression, skin infections, dental issues, strokes or nerve damage and in some severe cases it can lead to death also.

      Symptoms in extremes of Diabetes

      A lower blood sugar level than normal which is 70mg/dL is treated as a lower extremity and it is called Hypoglycemia. The symptoms you would feel in this situation is

      • Sweating
      • Dizziness
      • Confusion
      • Pale complexion
      • Weakness/shaking body
      • Numb tongue
      • Severe hunger
      • Blurry eyesight
      • Headaches

      If your blood glucose level gets higher than 125mg/dL fasting or greater than 180mg/dL after 1,2 hours of eating. This is called Hyperglycemia.

      Treatment of Diabetes

      The treatment or cure of diabetes is just the management of it by taking care of your diet, exercise, diabetic accessories, or external medications approved by your physicians. Some of the Diabetic accessories are listed below to get you acknowledged with them.

      Glucose Meters: Glucometers or blood glucose meters are small, digital portable devices that can help you to know your blood sugar level at any time. To check sugar level with a glucometer requires small lancets and test strips. There are various kinds of meters are available with different screen displays, alarms, or alert settings to match your comfort level.

      CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring): CGM is a small discreet device that can be synced with any compatible digital screen in your reach it keeps monitoring your blood sugar level every five minutes and stores results to check any time later also.

      Lancets: The lancets are small instruments the sharp needles on top of it to prick your skin to get a droplet for blood glucose testing. These are available in different needle lengths and gauges to suit your comfort level.

      Lancing Devices: The lancing devices are presented with a preloaded lancet drum inside it with different depth settings (how deep you want to prick) for you to prick on the skin. It is a better option for those who have lose control of their hand movements or are afraid of needle sight.

      Test Strips: The test strips are there with different testing times and are designed with modern technologies. These test strips are placed in a glucometer and a drop of blood is placed on it to test the blood sugar. These strips send testing results to the screen of the glucometer.

      Insulin Syringes: When you are diagnosed with diabetes then it is a must to take artificial insulin. The insulin for your type of diabetes would be chosen by your physician. In some early years, insulin syringes have been used to insert insulin into the body.

      Insulin Pen and Pen Needles: Insulin pens are also designed with a pre-loaded heavy amount of insulin in them. You just need to install a pen needle on it and you are good to go. There is no need to fill an insulin syringe many times a day if you have such a pen prescribed by your doctor.

      Insulin Pumps: Insulin pumps are commonly used devices nowadays to insert insulin with a pre-inserted setting. They can be attached to your waistband or anywhere you want because of the adhesive pads in them. You just need to attach a pump through a needle under your skin and then the preloaded setting will deliver you the insulin from time to time when it is needed. These are available with different insertion settings, tubing, needle length, and angle of insertion to match your comfort zone.

      Omnipod: Ominpod is the first ever built-in device for automated continuous insulin delivery with a tubeless small pump called “POD” and managed the insulin delivery amount by PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager). This Pod is wearable for up to 3 days without any daily calibration or daily insulin delivery pumping at specific times. It is a waterproof and tangleproof device to take anywhere life takes you.

      Glucagon: Glucagon is an emergency kid that has everything needed in it for an emergency. When the blood glucose level falls too low and when the patient is not much conscious to take the tablet or any precautions then it would be inserted with the help of a syringe by someone else around you. This activates your liver to deliver the stored sugar into your bloodstream.

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