Dexcom Products


      What is Dexcom?

      Dexcom’s History: Dexcom is the name of a trustworthy brand/company for advanced and tech-based diabetic equipment. They started their diabetes care in 1991 and till now serve humanity importantly in this field of diabetes. Since their specialization is in diabetes care technology devices so we have variety of production for diabetes supplies. They have started some mobile apps and smart devices to manage diabetes digitally within seconds by individuals.

      Dexcom and its struggle: They struggle to make the life of diabetic patients easy, simple, and heck free. Dexcom researched thoroughly the basic need of diabetic patients and moreover, studied through caregivers to get the best of the all-available products for easy diabetes management. So, Dexcom has made diabetic individuals self-sufficient with their Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring system. This G6 monitoring system has approval and appreciation of FDA (FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATIONS) of the United States.

      What is Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring?

      Dexcom CGM is the miraculous production of pack of 3 components for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic patients. This is highly suitable to use for kids of 2 years to older patients. This helps you to monitor your diabetes level continuously without using a fingerstick. This device gets placed under the skin, reads the glucose level in blood cells at every moment then transmits data to the screen for check in a glance. This is the safest, easiest, and fastest process for the blood glucose level of diabetic patients.

      Components of Continuous Glucose Monitoring system

      1: Auto-Applicator for sensor

      2: Transmitter

      3: Receiver

      Auto-Applicator in CGM

      The application device in this kit is easy to hold and moreover, it simply inserts the sensor under the skin just with one push. The application of this sensor works on the skin of the upper arms, buttocks, and abdomen. Moreover, Dexcom suggests applying a sensor on the upper buttocks for children from 2-17 years. The upper arm is a suitable site for active people who are busy with several activities. And of course, on the abdomen, it is super easy, discreet for all & for elderly people also.  Dexcom requires to insert this blood sugar sensor at least 3 inches away from the insulin infusion site or from the site of any kind of injection.

      Sensor insertion with Applicator

      • Remove the sticker or label on the applicator
      • Position the adhesive side of the applicator on the insertion site
      • Twist the plastic holder on the orange button
      • Push an orange button for the sensor insertion

      And here you go finally.

      Transmitter in CGM

      The sensor and transmitter in this kit are small, low profile, and discreet to wear under clothing unlike other bigger glucose monitors. This sensor continuously measures the glucose level in blood cells and surely transmits data within seconds without using any wire connection. This water-resistant sensor is adhesive to the skin and can stay on the surface for up to 10 days. The transmitter attaches to the sensor by pressing itself into the slot of the sensor which was pre-attached with the applicator before.

      Receiver in CGM

      This kit comes with a display device or touch screen receiver to display your real-time blood glucose readings on the screen. It connects with any smart compatible display device especially Dexcom receiver, a mobile or smartwatch to display blood glucose reading through their app. This app will start displaying the glucose reading on a graph within 2 hours. These graphs will show the blood sugar highs and lows on the display device evidently.

      Features of Dexcom

      1)      It is constant in glucose monitoring and blood glucose level can be checked at any moment. It updates the data every 5 minutes on the screen.

      2)      Dexcom CGM helps you to control your blood sugar conditions including hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia as well as that lowering the A1c. It is clinically proven to increase the time for managing any peak blood glucose condition.

      3)      Hence, the best feature of Dexcom CGM is the elimination of regular fingerstick and daily calibrations. It has approval of FDA system to make diabetic treatment decisions on the basis of its results.

      4)      It let you set alarms for highs and lows of blood sugar according to your customization. The color coding shows on the screen with highs in yellow and lows in grey along with alarms/ notifications.

      5)      There is no need to wait for the glucose reading process and results. You can see your current blood sugar at your smart display device (receiver, mobile app, smartwatch, or any other compatible device) level with quick glance.

      6)      Furthermore, Dexcom glucose monitoring system allows you to share your continuous glucose level history with up to 10 concerned people of yours through the app or receiver.

      7)      Dexcom G6 app can work with both IOS and android systems. There is a full list available on the Dexcom website for all other compatible devices.

      8)      The accuracy of this CGM system is approved with MARD (Mean Absolute Relative Difference). The clinical trial of the CGM and according to the Dexcom website has MARD of 9%.

      9)      Dexcom G6 also provides one year warranty to save your payment. So, Zahrun also provides the same warranty for its buyers.

      10)    The Dexcom CGM system covers many health insurance and life policies also.