Diabetic test strips

First of all, I will tell you what is a test strip.

So a test strip is a piece or a band of paper or any other material used for biological purposes of testing, so here a diabetic strip is a band or a piece of paper or any other material with the ability to test your diabetes or sugar level.

Material of diabetic test strip

These strips are made up of plastic or material of polyamide, having two ends, one of which is inserted into the display device of the glucometer and another used for blood sampling. A very tiny amount of blood almost 0.6 microlitres is used to detect sugar levels.

How to use a test strip?

  • Insert your test strip into the device
  • Put your fingertip on it after piercing the needle(lancet)
  • The strip will detect blood through your tip and will tell you the amount of sugar in your blood.

Important note: you can use a strip once.

Diabetic test strip and Medicare:

Medicare is an insurance provider for your test strips including your durable device.

Does an expired test strip work?

Yes, it works but it does not give accurate results.

Can you use other brand test strips with Accu check?

No, only Accu check test strips are used with the Accu check devices because their calibration is specific.

Do I need a prescription for purchasing test strips?

No, these are over-the-counter, which means you can purchase test strips without any prescription.

Are diabetic test strips universal?

Manufacturers made strips only for their respective monitors and other brands' strips do not work with any other device except their respective devices.

Can I buy test strips in bulk?

Yes, you can buy it from an online store in bulk quantities if you are sure to use all of them before their expiry dates.

How to sell your test strips?

Sell your test stripes is a website that can purchase your unused unexpired test strips. Regardless of your location, they can purchase anywhere at a reasonable price.

What is the accuracy rate of test strips?

20% more or less but it is almost accurate.

What is an expiry date of a diabetic test strip?

Normally, strips are expired after 180 days of opening or by the expiration date printed on the box.

Cheap test strips: easy touch test strips are very cheap almost 50 strips for 10 dollars.

Gold on test strips: there is a very thin layer coated on the one end of a diabetic test strip. These thin layers are necessary for the detection and reading of blood sampling.

Can I get diabetic test strips free?

Some manufacturers give away free strips, even some big stores. Some stores monitor diabetes free, only in their store. You can check online.

How do dispose of unused strips after use?

You can just through unused and expired strips in the trash. Used strips can also be placed in the trash.

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