Preventive measures for diabetes

Diabetes is a fatal medical condition if not cured properly. It is estimated that 37% of patients who are prediabetic, progress to diabetes within 4 years due to ignoring diabetic factors and preventions.

Diabetes is not completely curable but you can reduce its risk factors by taking some preventive measures.

Here are some preventions for diabetes:

Losing weight:

having diabetes and extra weight is not good for a patient of any age. In a study, it is revealed that 60% of diabetic patients relieved symptoms by losing 7% of their weight. Another randomised study done on more than 1000 patients revealed that exercise, diet, and weight loss can reduce diabetes progression risk up to 40% to 47%.

Physically active:

 here I am going to tell you what exercise can do for your disease.

  • Weight losing

  • Lowering sugar level

  • Increasing the rate of insulin update which balance glucose level.

Reducing carbohydrates in your diet:

It is important to lowering down your carbohydrates because carbohydrates, after breakdown turned into sugar which increases your sugar level. Many studies revealed that reducing carb intake can reduce sugar levels.

Eating plant foods:

Most plant food is fiber riched, so it can reduce your weight and also prevent you from diabetes and high sugar levels. Eating a healthy plant food that is rich in fiber like:

  • Fruits like apple, tomato, and pepper

  • Low in carbs like leafy vegetables like spinach and cauliflower

  • Whole grain foods are also important in reducing your sugar levels

There are some other benefits of this diet like

  • Fiber can slow down the absorption of sugar and help in lowering sugar levels.

  • It can also reduce the absorption of fats and cholesterol

  • It can be helping in weight loss because it fills your stomach more than other diets

Eating healthy fats:

Sometimes, maintaining a good weight you need a good diet, and in a good diet, healthy and rich fats are important, like:

  • Olives

  • Sunflower

  • Safflower

  • Canola oils

  • Nuts and seeds like almonds, peanuts, and pumpkin seeds

  • Salmon and tuna-like fishes 

Quit smoking:

Smoking is reducing your immunity so you need to skip this habit. So it is a necessary step to quit smoking.

Consult your doctor:

You need to consult with your healthcare provider for making a diet plan, exercise chart, and further information to reduce diabetes symptoms. It is a crucial part of the prevention of diabetes because, without consult, you can not properly manage your diabetes.

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