Omnipod 5: a revolution in the diabetic arena!!!

So, if you are a patient affected by diabetes type 1, I would recommend you to read this article, now, you must be thinking that why should I waste my time here? So, I would suggest you read this article, the more you read the better it will be for your health. If you want diabetes to never interfere in your life, you must read it once.
What is Omnipod 5?
The omnipod is a device that delivers insulin to your body when your body’s sugar level rises.
Now, how does it work and what are its benefits let's go ahead and discuss it.
How does an omnipod 5 work?
It works with a continuous glucometer (mainly integrated with Dexcom g6), it delivers the insulin as it gets readings of glucose rising from a CGM device (i.e Dexcom g6).
What is the size of omnipod 5?
Its size is 3.9 cm in length,  5.2 cm in height 1.45 cm in width. If you are wondering about its size, let's make it easy for you, it is no bigger than a credit card and delivers you the insulin tubeless.
What is a tubeless insulin delivery system?
Most insulin pumps are designed in such a way that an infusion set is attached to the pump through which the insulin is transferred from the pump to the body. This infusion set is connected to the pump through a tube, but the omnipod  This is not the case in 5 because its pod is attached to your body which continuously receives your sugar level information from your diabetes manager i.e. PDM system and injects insulin into the body through the skin without any tube.
Did Omnipod 5 FDA approve?
Yes, FDA approved omnipod 5 for use in children above two years of age on September 1, 2022. Previously, it was approved for people over 6 years old.
What is the cost of an omnipod unit, and is it cost-effective?
The omnipod 5 prices on pharmacies range from 270$ to 370$ but you can get it from amazon at very low prices as compared to the offline market at 120$(this price does not come with insurance cost), yet it is cost-effective because it comes with several features which make it unique.
One unit activation time and insulin amount: one unit or pod of this system remains active for 3 days and contains 200 units of insulin U-100.

The unique features of omnipod 5

  • Waterproof: pods of this device come with waterproofing as you can wear them during swimming, rainy, or underwater(25 meters up to an hour)
  • Age limits: a child of even 2 years or above can wear it as it is approved by FDA.
  • The only tubeless system: in the world, this only approved tubeless insulin delivery system
  • Availability: it is available since January 2022.
  • Learning feature: most surprising feature of this system is that it learns the mechanism of diabetes in a patient and sugar rise or fall, it takes 9 days or 3 pods to learn one diabetic regulation. This system automatically regulates insulin delivery according to the patient's adaptation as sugar rise or falls. In other words, this system is adjusted with your body's algorithm of diabetes.
  • Auto adjustments: unlike 1st generation auto insulin delivery system which came with a fixed target of glucose level, this system can be adjusted ranges from 110 mg/dl to 150 mg/dl.
  • Type 2: this system is recommended for type 2 diabetic patients but the company says that they will soon release a system for type 2 diabetes.
  • Smartphone controller: you can control pods from an Omnipod smartphone app available for android only till now but will soon release an app for iphone.
  • Activity feature: you can set your glucose target level up to 150 mg/dl during exercise and reduce insulin delivery with an increment of an hour anywhere between 1 to 24 hours.
In short, if you have an Omnipod 5 system, you can live like a normal person, you do not need to take care of your child during the whole day, and if you are an adult, you do not need to focus on your diabetes just focus on your dream.
This system is not too complicated to understand, you can easily access its features with little knowledge.
Satisfactory: in November 2019 a survey was taken in which more than 2400 people participated and more than 97% of patients told that they would recommend omnipod to their family and friends

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